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Born in California, Currently residing in London, United Kingdom.

American / German nationality

Director and Curator of Moniker Art Fair

Founder of The Art Conference

Board member to Moniker Foundation and Aerosol Alliance

Published Author: Hunt and Gather - The New Contemporary. 2010

Awarded Top 10 Female Curators of 2019

Expert in brand and web development, art curation,

large scale event management, installation design, event architecture, budgeting, sponsorship relations, team leading, artist commissioning and more.

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Since 2008, Tina Ziegler has been a torchbearer for the urban and contemporary art movement, having spent the last 15 years as a professional curator and project director, advocating and supporting the art movement she loves.


Originally from California, Ziegler has curated over 300+ exhibitions and has worked personally with thousands of artists from across the globe. She is recognized for her dedication to the urban art movement and helping it become part of the global art market stage. Her exhibitions are highly curated, immersive and present the public a unique opportunity to engage with street art and new contemporary culture as a whole. She is also the author of Hunt and Gather art, discovering new contemporary art.


Since 2015, Ziegler has held the position as brand director and curator of Moniker International Art Fair, founded in 2010 in London, UK. Ziegler has taken Moniker to the global stage under her management, and helped the fair quickly become the world's most important art fair for the Urban and New Contemporary art movement, specializing in Immersive installations, quality curation and brand partnerships. The fair now hosts annual events in London and New York as well as exhibitions in Berlin, Leeds and other European cities. 

Ziegler has always put engagement and education at the forefront of her work, founding The Art Conference, a 'TED Talks' of the art world, alongside The Ziegler Academy  teaching young artists and curators how to thrive in the art market. Her Curators of Colour grant offers free tuition and mentorship to young aspiring curators of colour from around the world. 

She sits on the board of the Moniker Foundation, commissioning and supporting artists at every level of their career. Each month, she works with artists to create charitable print collections to raise awareness and capital for environmental and social charities world wide.

You can find out more about the world of curation and her relationship with fellow curators through her Curators of Culture podcast, found on iTunes or Spotify.

Most recently Ziegler has been working with Creative Debuts to curate leading NFT and Digital art exhibition in London in partnership with adidas. The exhibition have received global attention.


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