Curators of Colour Award

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

It's no secret that the art market lacks diversity, walking around any major art fair and you will notice the majority of art galleries and art dealers tend to be middle aged white men. At the heart of many galleries sits the curator or gallery director. This individual is responsible for pulling together artists, curating a selection of work and telling a bigger story about the work they selected. It would then be essential to develop the art market and the future of this creative industry by supporting more diverse perspectives and views, supporting those that we don't often get to hear the voice of - the curators of colour.

The Curators of Colour award is in response to the general lack of diversity found in art business and management. Each Month, The Ziegler Academy will award a young aspiring curator from Latin, African or Asian decent by sponsoring them to take part in one of our curatorial and art management courses, as well as one to one consultancy to ensure the future success of their business idea. My aim is to encourage and support aspiring curators and empower them to take the leap into starting their own gallery, online business, agency or exhibition platform.

The art world needs more colour in it, not only from the artists we exhibit but from the galleries and curators themselves.

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