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Through the Curators of Colour sponsorship, Arts Unknown and The Ziegler Academy offer free placement on the Art Management 101 Intensive 4 day course for aspiring curators of colour.


The course is taught through live digital lectures.

The complete course will teach you everything you need to know to kick start a career in the arts.

The course is presented in three sections:


Part one: Art Gallery Management 

Part two: Art Exhibition Design and Curating 

Part three: Art Handling and Installation 

Extra Lectures on : NFT art, Digital Art and Digital artist management

The Curators of Colour course sponsorship is in response to the over-all lack of diversity within the art market and art management sectors. We hope to support  promising independent curators on their journey to discover, define and develop their passion and purpose in the arts. 

We hope to do our part to make the art market more colourful.

We welcome all Curators of Colour to apply.


Visual art curators that self-identify as a person of colour, including but not limited to Black, Indigenous, African American, Native American, First Nation, Hispanic, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, Latinx, Latine, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and all people of colour.


"A course I've waited for my entire adult life, and worth the wait it was.  I was beside myself when I received an email saying I was going to be sponsored for the Art Management and Curatorial course with the Ziegler Academy. How often does  a chance like that come around, especially during a world wide crippling pandemic!

I've never enjoyed learning so much, Tina was an incredible lecturer, it went as smoothly and as clear as if you're having a chat with a friend. Detailed course material which is explained point by point, with great visuals and examples.

Interactive sessions definitely allowed for a comfortable setting, 


An opportunity of a lifetime knocked back on my door and I'm now in a better standing in the world of the arts and curatorial sector. This has changed my life and I can move forward doing the same, with more knowledge and understanding."


- Karobo Mokoena (South Africa)



Apply Now 
Please complete the application to the be considered for the Curators of Colour Sponsorship fund. We wish you the best of luck with your application.

Thanks for applying for the Curators of Colour Sponsorship. The Ziegler Academy will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.We wish you all the success with your application.

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